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Why pay for a language course? (when you can learn for free)

Many people ask me, why do you bother buying courses when you can use Duolingo for free?


Well, there is a very good reason why I do it, and you should at least consider it too!


It has been proven over and over again, that our human instinct is to place a lot more value on things we pay for, rather than things we get for free!


Here is an example from my personal life:


So, 2 years ago, I started watching videos by Tai Lopez – you may have seen his ads around YouTube.


So, he created a course which he called the 67 steps, which he claims are the 67 frameworks and strategies to the good life – health, wealth, love and happiness.


Anyway, back then, he offered this course for free! I liked his videos so I signed up to his course. However, because it was free, I only watched 1 video, and did not watch any of the other 66 videos in that course.


Now, fast forward 2 years, and Tai Lopez is actually selling this course with YouTube ads for a monthly payment of $67 and there are tens of thousands of people who bought his course!


So then I was thinking, wait a second, so many people paid for this course – this course must have a lot of value! So I went back to my free account, and watched every single video and took notes on everything I learned! It’s actually a pretty good course if you are interested in self improvement topics – here is a link if you want to find out more about it: (Tai Lopez course)

(if you get his course, make sure you download the audios and cancel after the 1st month, so you won’t be charged every month for it)



Anyway, so I ignored this course for 2 years because I got it for free, but then I actually went back and watched all 67 videos when I saw that people pay a lot of money for this course!


Paying for a course will help you get motivated! If you are not lacking motivation, then you may not need to buy a course – if you are motivated and using Duolingo, then great, keep it up!


However, if you are lacking a bit of motivation, then buying a course may give you the extra boost you need to achieve your goals! You’ll be thinking to yourself – I paid a lot of money for this course – so I have to make sure I get as much value as possible out it! Therefore, you’ll get that extra push towards achieving your goal!


Paying for a course will make you put much more value on the material!


Anyway, thanks for reading! I’m not selling any courses myself. However, if you want to buy a course from an established company, I made some reviews of the best courses out there, to help you decide which one to get, so check them out here:



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