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The 1st step to learning a language (and achieving any goal)

A bit of a story to illustrate a point..

When I was a small child – about 10 years old – I remember talking to my mum and asking her – how can it be possible to speak another language fluently?

I only spoke my native language at that time, and I was saying that – this is a chair – how can I possibly think of a chair by any other name? I just couldn’t understand how it can be possible to learn another language.

Because of this, I was struggling with foreign languages in school, because I just didn’t think learning another language fluently was possible. Anyway, since then, my family relocated so I moved to a different country – to Ireland.

I was going to school, I was surrounded by the language for the majority of the day so I learned the language in 1 year that I was able to speak English fluently – a language which wasn’t my native language.

So when that happened, there was a switch in my brain. I gained so much confidence that I was able to learn another language and become fluent in a new language. So, I started liking languages and I was excited about learning my 3rd language, and that’s why I was able to learn it to a good conversational level!

Anyway, this brings me to an important point, that in order to achieve any goal, the first part is believing that you can achieve that goal. I don’t mean in a cheesy way, don’t get me wrong, just thinking you can do it won’t get you to your goal by itself.

Believing you can achieve a goal is the first step. It’s a necessary step, but there are many other next steps to achieving your goal. And it’s the ACTION you take that will bring you to your goal.

But the first step is believing you can speak another language fluently. If you don’t believe it’s possible for you, then you’re putting yourself at a serious disadvantage. 

So this is the process:

1) you convince yourself that it’s possible for you to speak another language fluently.

2) you take all the actions necessary to achieve that goal!

A really good book I read on this topic is “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz. It’s a recommended book!

Thanks for reading!

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