Spanish Movies

Here are a few Spanish movie recommendations:

1) Casa de mi Padre (Comedy)

A comedy starring Will Ferrell!

The funny part about this movie is that Will Ferrell is not fluent in Spanish – he just learned the phrases as they filmed!


2) Amores Perros  (Drama, Thriller)

This one I haven’t seen yet, but it was highly recommended to me by a friend so I have to watch it soon.

It’s rated 8.1 on Imdb, and it was nominated for an oscar, so it has to be good!

If you are looking for a more serious movie to watch, then this would be a good choice!



3) Nueve Reinas (Crime, Drama, Thriller)

Very highly rated Argentinian movie. It’s about 2 conmen trying to pull off a scam – the movie takes you through their exciting “adventures”!



4) Lastly, if you don’t want to buy a movie, here is a free YouTube Playlist of 65  Spanish films with English Subtitles!


So there can be some debate over how much watching movies helps with learning a language.

In my experience and from the research I have done on this topic, watching movies can help you very much if you are at an advanced level or at least intermediate level of the language.

If you are a beginner, you will probably need English subtitles, but then you will likely to tune out the actual language in the movie, and just read the subtitles.

Beginners should stick to listening to Spanish songs

So for beginner, I would recommend using Spanish songs instead. Pick a song and listen to it over and over until you memorize it and understand the song fully. The repeated listening will help you make connections in your mind about the structure of the language and you will learn a lot of vocabulary too.

Advanced or Intermediate level students of a language can benefit from movies

Now, if you are intermediate or advanced and would like to watch Spanish movies as part of your practice, here are a few tips which helped me:

  1. Watch the same movie multiple times

My suggestion would be to watch a movie 3 times

  1. With English subtitles
  2. With Spanish subtitles
  3. With NO subtitles

So first, you would learn the plot of the movie. Then, use just the written Spanish to help you understand the dialogue in the movie. Then a third time with no subtitles and a full focus on the language.




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