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Is learning a language worth it financially?

I was wondering, is there a proven financial benefit to learning a language?

As I mentioned before, languages helped me get my first job, so it definitely helped me, but I wondered if there is a study to show this in general.

So I did some research and I came across this article from the which answered my question. They concluded that even on conservative estimates, speaking another language translates into an earnings boost.

One study concluded that speaking a second language gives an earnings boost of 2%. This may not sound like much, as it would only be $1,000 added to a $50,000 salary. However, if you compound that over the course of your career, this would turn into $67,000 extra in your retirement account!

Of course though, the financial reward is not the only reason to learn a language, but just from a purely financial point of view, an extra $67,000 would be pretty cool! (;



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