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Why learn a new language?

So I love learning new languages, but sometimes friends ask me, why do you bother learning languages?

I am a big believer in starting with why, so before embarking on any new project, ask yourself why?

Here are my favourite reasons for learning a new language:

Reason 1: Better Career Opportunities!

This is a big reason for me – because this is how I got my first job! Getting your first job is often the most difficult part of one’s career! My boss specifically told me that he hired me because of my foreign language, as he wanted to expand his company into new markets! So my language skills really helped me!

Reason 2: More opportunities to meet new people!

Speaking a second language gives you the opportunity to connect with millions of new people! And people love it when you speak their first language, when it’s not your first language! So you never know how learning Spanish could change your life by helping you meet that sexy Latina/Latino (;

Reason 3: Give your brain a boost!

There have been hundreds of studies which demonstrate the cognitive benefits of learning another language! I recently read one study which said the benefits include: memory improvement, longer attention span and a reduced risk of age related cognitive decline. So weather you are young or old – keep your brain sharp!

Now it’s your turn, you tell me, what’s your main motivation for learning a new language?


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