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Too busy to learn a language? Shakira speaks 5 languages!

Sometimes I think that I’m too busy to be learning a new language – but then I quickly realize that it’s just an excuse! It’s an excuse stopping me from taking action and it’s not actually true! 

And to prove that point, I found a video of Shakira speaking 5 languages!

I’m sure Shakira is very busy, so if she can find the time to learn so many languages, then so can me and you!

I’m sure we’re not busier than Shakira 😛



A language doesn’t have to take much time – you can learn it on your commute to work or when you go for walks! Rocket languages has an interactive audio course which you can download on your smartphone and listen to it on your commutes instead of having mindless radio playing in the background

Here is the link to Rocket Languages:

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