Spanish Books

If you want a book which will teach you Spanish directly, then your best choice is one from the Teach Yourself Complete series.

1) Teach Yourself

The Teach Yourself series sold millions of copies and this book is commonly used by many polyglots, so this is a good sign that the book is effective.


2) Easy Spanish Step by Step

Easy Spanish Step by Step is a perfect book to be used along with Teach Yourself.

Teach Yourself tends to have many phrases, with the idea that you’ll understand the grammar as you go. If you want to get some explicit explanations of the grammar, then grab this book as a companion!


For students of the Spanish language, at an intermediate level, I would suggest this book of poems by the famous Spanish author, Pablo Neruda. My girlfriend and I love reading this book together (cheesy, I know!).

3) The Essential Neruda: Selected Poems

This book has the Spanish poems on the left page, and the translated English version on the right page. It’s a great way to transition into reading Spanish texts!

It can be a great stepping stone to reading full Spanish texts, as you have the translations, and poems are short so they don’t look too overwhelming.


If you are a more advanced student of the Spanish language, and you are looking to take it to the next level and read a Spanish only book, then this would be my recommendation:

4) El Alquimista

This book was originally written in Portuguese, but the Spanish version is a great first book to read in Spanish, because the vocabulary and grammar are both easy to understand, and it’s a really good story too!


I have another post in the blog where I share my top books which would help you with any goal you may have, including a goal of learning a new language. so if you’re interested, check that one out. (Book Recommendations)

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