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I love reading books!

I read over 100 non-fiction books in the past 2 years, and I can honestly say that reading books has changed my life!

So I thought I’ll share with you my best book recommendations, which can help you indirectly with the goal of learning languages.

My top 3 books for achieving any goal:

1) The Power Of Habit

This book will teach you mistakes people make when try to make habits, how to break bad habits, and how to build good habits!


2) The Magic of Thinking Big

This book will help you understand the importance of thinking bigger and practical steps for doing that!


3) The War of Art

Underrated book on dealing with your inner voice and overcoming it to achieve your goals!


I have another section where I share books which help directly with learning Spanish (books for learning Spanish), so if you’re interested in that, then check it out!

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