Best Language Learning Courses (Reviews)

Rocket Languages

Rocket Spanish is an interactive audio course. You listen to a dialogue at the beginning of the lesson, then the dialogue is broken down and explained!

This is followed by questions about what you just learned, in order to use some repetition to make sure you memorize the new vocabulary.

You can test it out and try the first 3 lessons free by clicking here!

Best for: auditory learners with busy lives who want to listen to the audio course during other activities.

***My top pick for audio language learning course!

Rocket Languages Spanish Full Review



Babbel goes in the same category as Rosetta Stone in my opinion, as they are both software type programs.

However, while Rosetta will cost you hundreds of dollars, Babbel has a monthly subscription model where you can get started for as little as $12.95 for 1 month.

You can get $6.95 if you subscribe for 1 year’s access, but then it turns into a significant initial investment. Babbel is a highly rated and interesting course!

Best for: visual learners who want to dedicate time aside for learning a language!

You can test it out and try the first few lessons for free by clicking here!

***My top pick for software language learning programs!

Babbel Spanish Full Review



The Assimil Method comes in the form of a book and 100 audio lessons. It’s the book which teaches you the language in a dual translation format, with a Spanish dialogue on the left page and the translated dialogue on the right page.

There are also audio files added to get the learner used to hearing the language as well as making sure the pronunciation is learned correctly.

The course was developed almost 100 years ago! It has gone through some updates, but it is no longer evolutionary, as it may have been in the past. However, if you want to learn from a book, then it’s a great choice!

Feel free the check the reviews on Amazon!

Best for: people who want to learn a language from a book!

Assimil Spanish Full Review


Rossetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a very well marketed language learning course! Unfortunately, I think their marketing is the best thing about them, as the actual course is not that good in my opinion!

It has an idea which appears to be really good – learn a language like you did as a kid – by immersing yourself in the new language!

However, I think adults can learn a new language in a better ways, which require some explicit instruction and some other more efficient and effective methods!

Feel free to check out the customer reviews on Amazon and see what others say!



The main complaint of Rosetta Stone is that people get very confused about the new language because there is no explicit instruction. So Fluenz decided to come along and create a solution for that problem!

Fluenz created a program which attempts to replicate the classroom-style environment with a tutor. They do a pretty good job at it too! The Spanish class is taught by one of the founders Sonia Gill.

Fluenz is a highly rated language learning program – check out more customer Amazon Reviews!

Best for: People who are used to learning in a classroom environment!

Fluenz Spanish Full Review


Michel Thomas

The Michel Thomas Method is a 12 hour audio course. The way this course is pitched is that there is no homework, no memorizing and no pressure on the student.

Michel Thomas believes that learning occurs when the student is completely relaxed. The student should relax fully and suggests they don’t “try” to memorize and learn.

Michel has this amazing ability to give people confidence in learning a new language!

This audio course is quite short, but it is highly rated! I recommend it and so do many others in the Amazon Reviews!

Best for: People who are not very confident in their ability to learn a new language!

Michel Thomas Method Spanish Full Review



Yabla is a unique program! It’s an interactive video program for learning Spanish. You watch videos in Spanish, with subtitles in Spanish and English below the video.

It doesn’t have a clear structure like most other courses, but it’s a good way to supplement your learning, especially if you are at an intermediate level!

Yabla Spanish Full Review



Pimsleur is another highly rated audio course! It is a very reliable way and scientifically proven way to learn a language! It is also very highly rated and recommended by many polyglots!

The problems with Pimsleur are that it can get a little boring at times, and the fact that the full course can be quite expensive!

You may want to check the Amazon Reviews but if the high price is not an issue and you do decide to ultimately buy it, then you should get it from the Pimsleur Official Website!

Pimsleur Spanish Full Review


My top picks:

Audio course (interactive audio lessons) – Rocket Spanish – Try first 3 lessons free by clicking here!

Software course (using a mix of methods) – Babbel – Try the first few lessons free by clicking here!

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