Best Courses for Learning Spanish

#1: Rocket Spanish

The core of Rocket Spanish is their interactive audio lessons, but they also have other sections such as “Language and Culture” lessons, as well as a “Survival Kit” with 11 lessons and Flashcards! The first Module has 31 audio lessons, but all 3 Modules have about 100 lessons! The lessons are interactive, so I never really “drift off” or lose attention while listening to Rocket.

What I really like about Rocket is that I can listen to the audio courses on my phone during my commute to work! Each lesson is 20-30 minutes, so for me it was perfect as that’s how long is my commute to work!

The company made some serious improvements at the beginning of 2017, which is great! Also, the Spanish language was the first one Rocket Languages made, so Spanish is now their best language as it went through the most rounds of improvement.

I think this is the best course to learn Spanish at the moment!


  1. Great to listen to while doing other things like commuting, walking your dog, working out etc. Especially great for busy people!
  2. You start speaking Spanish in the very first lesson!
  3. 60 day money-back guarantee! No risk!
  4. It has great reviews which you can find here!


  1. If you don’t want an audio course, then it’s not the best pick for you (see the #2 pick!)

Learn more on the Rocket Spanish website! You can get your first 3 lessons for free with the Rocket Spanish Free Trial!

You can also read my full and detailed Rocket review.


#2: Babbel

If you are not an auditory learner, and don’t want an audio course, then the best pick for you is Babbel!

Babbel is a software type program which teaches you mostly through listening, writing and spelling, but also incorporating elements of speaking and reading. Their software and material are both high quality! They are also constantly improving it, which is always nice to see!

So they have a wide variety of method to teach you the language, which makes it interesting and keeps it fresh and exciting!

Unlike audio course, you would have to sit down and complete the exercises. The lessons on Babbel are fairly short, at 4-12 minutes per lesson, so their course is quite adaptable to how many minutes you can set aside at a time!

Babbel has a subscription service, which has it’s pros and cons. You don’t own the course, like you do with Rocket, but you can get started by paying only $12.95 for the first month. I like Babbel and it’s a great and inexpensive course for people who want to dedicate time exclusively for learning a language.


  1. Cheap entry price point – you can start with only $12.95 per month!
  2. Great if you’re not committed to learning the language, as it doesn’t have a high investment upfront like many other courses
  3. They do a great job at keeping you motivated – since they run on a subscription service which you can cancel any time!


  1. You must be online, giving the course you full attention to use Babbel

Learn more on the Babbel website. You can get the first few lessons for free with the Babbel Free Trial!


Also worth considering:

#3: The Michel Thomas Method Spanish – Michel Thomas is a 10 hour audio program, and what makes it unique is that Michel has this magical ability to instill confidence in your  ability to learn a language, so it’s a great choice if you are lacking confidence in your ability to learn Spanish! And it’s rated very highly by most people, as you can see in the Michel Thomas Amazon reviews

#4: Fluenz Spanish  – This is a classroom format video course, where Sonya Gill acts as if she was your personal tutor, teaching you Spanish. See Fluenz Amazon reviews

#5: Pimsleur Spanish – One of the most proven and most effective courses to learn a language, developed in the 1970’s! However, in my opinion, Rocket Spanish is a similar but improved version, with a cheaper price tag too!

#6: Assimil Method Spanish – The best book to learn a language! It has a dual translation format with the English on the left page and the Spanish on the right page. It’s a good choice if you like learning from a book and it’s rated quite highly as you can see in the Assimil Amazon reviews


Don’t bother with:

Rosetta Stone – Their marketing is amazing, but the quality of their program is not great. Their “gimmick” of immersion sounds great in theory, but it’s not actually effective. Other agree with me too, as you can see in the Rosetta Stone Amazon reviews.



There are a few good options, and the best choice for you depends on your style of learning. However, you can’t really go wrong with my top 2 recommendations!

If the idea of listening to an audio course while doing other things sounds good to you – Go with Rocket!

If you are not an auditory learner and want a software type course to give your full focus to – Go with Babbel!

Babbel is lower risk as you can start with only $12.95 for the 1st month, but Rocket also take the risk away from you with their 60 day money back guarantee!

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